Awesome Time Series Database

OpenTSDB time series database on top of HBase. Now support Cassandra and Bigtable.Java
KairosDB Time Series Database on CassandraJava
Heroic time series database based on Bigtable, Cassandra, and ElasticsearchJava
BTrDB performance time series database designed to support high density data storage applications.Go
Vaultaire vault for system metrics, backed onto CephHaskell
InfluxDB datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics https://influxdata.comGo
Prometheus and service monitoring system and time series database featuring pull model, alert, graph etc.Go
Beringei high performance, in memory time series storage engine designed by FacebookC++
Atlas dimensional time series database designed at NetflixScala
Khronus and reactive time series database designed to store, retrieve, analyze and process a large amount of Disk metricsScala
HawkularMetrics engine for metric data using CassandraJava
Blueflood system designed to ingest and process time series data built by rackspaceJava
Newts time-series data store support searching metadataJava
Akumuli numeric time series database that can be used to capture, store and process time-series data in real-time.C++